Sudoku gameboard with an integrated algorithm to solve the puzzles

What & Why?

SudokuSolver is a light weight application built with Python and pygame library. Not only does it allow the user to play Sudoku on randomized layouts, but it also demonstrates how the recursive backtracking algorithm, that can solve the puzzles for you, works in real time.

On the left you can see SudokuSolver in action. In the middle of the demo video you can see whenever the user presses a keyboard button. The user can sketch the potential numbers into the empty slots, and when the user wants to try if a number is correct, they press 'Enter'. If the number is incorret, the application clears the slot and gives a red "Wrong" message in the bottom-left corner. If the number is correct, it gets locked in.

If the user feels the puzzle is too hard, or just wants to see the backtracking algorithm in action, they can press 'Spacebar' for the algorithm to take control and solve the puzzle.

  • Built with Python